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” I will not say I failed 100 times,

   I will say that I discovered there are 100 ways that can cause failure.”

My name is Sundar Shrestha and  I completed Master in Electrical Engineering in Automation and Control  in Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences, Germany. Currently, I reside in Sunshine Coast, Australia.


My undergraduate thesis was on Rural Electrification through Improved water Mills. From this project, I developed a standard out frame of the electrification plant along with other end uses. Being Coordinator of Robotics and Automation club, I designed 6 automatic and manual robots to participate in national and international competitions. Some social robots and robotics arm were also built during that period.


When I was in class 3 a small automatic car was gifted by my uncle  which drag me toward Engineering. In childhood I used to make vehicle and car using waste materials. The passion continued and I joined Mechanical Engineering recent after my high school in 2003. Collecting some same level students, I established a robotics club named “Robotics and Automation Center” in 2004. From that center we built various robots like “Ball Shooter”, “Mountain Cleaner”, etc. We participated in one international robotics event organized by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) – Kharagpur, India in 2007. It was a great event for us because we were representing Nepal. We also participated in many national competitions and secured good reputation.

Later on when I joined my undergraduate engineering in Electrical Engineering in 2007 in Pokhara University, the thrust of robotics could not quenched and again established a robotics club named “Computer Technology and Robotics Club”. We participated in two international robotics competitions in 2010 and 2011 representing Nepal. The year 2011 created a milestone by winning the “First Position” title for the first time in my seven years robotics carrier. Same year we got the “First Position” and “Best Performance” title in national competition. With that huge experience, we organized a national robotics competition which was grand success.


Whenever I used to work in workshop, perform various practical, take different lectures from teachers, I got never satisfied by their supplements. I used to think that something is missing in contains. I could not accomplish my practical completely with the help of the teaching materials only. To learn and help to learn, I created a research center named “Center for Advanced Research and Obligatory Learning” (CAROL- Nepal) in 2010. From that organization, we completed few projects like (1)”CAROL-WiFi Project” in Bhaktapur, Nepal  (2) “Micro Hydro Design and Generation” in Ilam, Nepal, various research and training programs. Many projects are in pipeline.

ImageWhenever I got leisure time, I spent it with blogs. I think it is the better way to store and spread ones’ perceptions.


I love to donate blood. In each 4-5 months I am donating my blood. Since bloods are precious, I only donate to them who need it freshly. I have not donated in public yet.

Like others, I love to go hiking, taking photos, collecting only one special thing of that place. And no doubt, I die for swimming.