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The passion continued and I joined Mechanical Engineering recent after my high school in 2003. Collecting some same level students, I established a robotics club named “Robotics and Automation Center” in 2004. From that center we built various robots like “Ball Shooter”, “Mountain Cleaner”, etc. We participated in one international robotics event organized by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) – Kharagpur, India in 2007. It was a great event for us because we were representing Nepal. We also participated in many national competitions and secured good reputation.

Some important dates:

2004-2005: Established Robotics Club named “Robotics and Automation Center” in Thapathali Campus, Kathmandu, Nepal. We were the first to participate in Robotics competition from the intermediate level of engineering. We made one mechanical robot named “ROBO GANDIV” whose task was to strike down the 10 targets within certain time frame. We proved our participation and won “Best Design Award”.

2005-2006: We continued our work with more managed way. Our aim was to achieve the first position in national competition. I got opportunity to participate to attain different related workshops and trainings. We made one automatic and one manual robot. The automatic robot was to climb up and hills by removing unwanted things on the way which was named “Mount Climber”. The manual robot was to collect the wastes and store at specific area. We were the fastest finisher of the task and got “Best Performance Award”.

2006-2007: That was the most memorable year for me in my robotics carrier. Because we were participating the International Robotics competition organized by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)- Kharagpur, India. We participated for different four (4) events. We could not achieve first position but we performed our best being finalist in one event among more than 150 teams. The 10 days spent there was so memorable. We hardly slept there for 4 hours per day. Some day we forget to sleep as well. The rush of time, the well managed events, the popular concerts, the world class seminars and workshops, the Indian foods, the welcome mo:mo: party by Nepalese community, and  the angel like Chinese girl…..

2009-2010: I completed my Diploma in Mechanical Engineering on the beginning of 2007. With the end of Diploma, I am not allowed to actively participate in that robotics club again. My robotics thrust was rising day by day. In other word, I am addicted with those robotics activities. I tried to make something at my home; however, I got no satisfaction. I joined my undergraduate study in Electrical Engineering in Pokhara University at the end of 2007. I found there a Robotronics Club in my college. I submitted my application to involve in it. Unfortunately, my application is not considered as their eligibility. I am refused, which made me sad. I with some of my friends started to create a new platform but it was against rule because two robotics clubs in a same college was next to impossible. Suppressing my thrust, I was looking for the right time to show my appearance because that club was not being so active. After some months, we launched our new robotics club named “Computer Technology and Robotics Club”. The previous club member suggest us to continue the old name but we denied and keep our point that “if we give birth our child then we have 100% right to give name as we wish.” Later on the old club disappears and I started my second part of robotics carrier.

On the same year, we have planned to participate an International robotics event. I participated the Techno-management fest organized by IIT- Kharagpur, India for the second time. At that time with the past experience, we performed very well and created a history by wining some title like “Best Mechanical Finalist”. We are proud to say that one of our robots is placed in mechanical workshop of IIT to expose the unique mechanism.

2010-2011: With the past experience and confidence, we start to make one automatic and one manual robot to participate in a National event. The theme was that automatic robot was to move random path my removing waste and manual robot was to assist without touching it. We have a challenge to show our engineering. We have to build with low cost. Finally, we made most cost efficient robots. Everyone was not ready to accept that it really executes its tasks. Amazingly, it secured first position with best performance award. I was too happy at that time because it was the first time of my robotics carrier; 2 title with first position. Some memorable glimpse were: supporting crowed, defeating the same finalist robot  2 times, returning by bus with party sound, tips money for party by vice- principal, testing some local wine for the first time……..shouting whole night…..

2011-2012: To continue the robotics club, the upcoming member must be well qualified. Concerning that fact, we have given platform to the selected pupils from different groups. I am very proud to say that the new club member created new history by winning the first position in International robotics event by representing Nepal.

During working in that club I found some super talent and unique friends such as Hari Shrestha, Sudan Pudasaini, Amit Chapagain (MAMA), Athot Karmacharya (switch master), Shyam Shrestha (all rounder).

Robotics is part of my life……

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