Social Activities

Being a social entity, it’s my responsibility to perform some activities for the welfare of my society. For that reason, I am actively participating on the social work from the age of 10 as youth Red Cross Circle member.

Later on when I came to Kathmandu, I started volunteering in a NGO named “Dirghajeevi Volunteering Group”– Nepal as an Executive member. This NGO helps the child and their family who are suffering from cancer. I worked there for 2 years from 2005.

I was continuing my activities through Nepal Red Cross Society (NRCS). During that period I got opportunities to take training and workshops on “First Aid”, “Earthquake”, and “Prompt service on mass casualty”. I became Life Member of NRCS in 2011.

I am also involved in a LEO club named “LEO Club Chabahil Kathmandu District 325 A2” from 2010. Now I am Public Relation Officer (PRO) of that club.

Some memorable Galleries:

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